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12 Nov, 2008

First project invested by the CRANE

The first project invested by the Croatian business angels net (CRANE) was presented on the 12th of November in the VMD business center. The project is titled offSpace and by now has the investment of 110.000 euro, with the expectations of general investments reaching around 200.000 euro. “Angel” that recognized the value of this project is Mr. Hrvoje Prpić, one of the establishers and prior investors of the Croatian business angels net.

The idea itself was founded by the Bulb company (Vedran Rezar and partner) and the moment it came to me I realized that it was excellent and decided to make the investment. We accomplished great cooperation in an instant, so the project was realized in the shortest time period.

- this was said today by Mr. Hrvoje Prpić on today’s press conference regarding the presentation of the offSpace project.

The goal of the offSpace project is to provide an entire range of services to smaller businesses with the intention to cut down their costs and by that allow them more time to concentrate on the business itself. The project ensures four basic services, VirtualOffice being the most interesting one.

Virtual office is a new utility on the Croatian business market that provides arranging all the daily commitments of our clients for the price starting 99 euro per month. Acquiring our services our client is provided by an exclusive address in an A-graded office building, an operator that answers all our client’s telephone calls and a receptionist that handles the guests and the delivered mail.

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Other service that we provide is a short-term leasing of our offices that are facilitated with the Internet, telephone and fax line. For those that find renting the offices being over their budget limit, we provided a lease of a single office desk that also has all the internet, telephone and fax connections.

In situations where the offices and desks don’t provide enough room for our client to welcome his own customers, the offSpace project has to offer a meeting room for the price 99 kn per hour and for the lager events a conference hall with the capacity of 60 guests plus five lecturers is also available.

Our goal is to enable everyone to start their own business with small investments and without being forced to leave their regular working place. For that purpose we handle all our client’s daily commitments, leaving the client to major only the basic work, even after his regular working hours. Besides that, our service is excellent for smaller companies that already run their businesses because they will be able to ménage all their work on a single place. The info about our work and services is at

- this was stated on the project presentation by Mr. Željko Nikšić who is the leader and manager of the offSpace project.